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Eurocopter X3 helicopter photos

Helicopter pictures of Eurocopter X3

The Eurocopter X3 demonstrator is equipped with two turboshaft engines that power a five-blade main rotor system and two propellers installed on short-span fixed wings. This creates an advanced transportation system offering the speed of a turboprop-powered aircraft and the full hover flight capabilities of a helicopter. Eurocopter’s X3 high-speed hybrid helicopter demonstrator performed its maiden flight in September 2010 with an airspeed of 180 kts (333 km/h) in level flight at a reduced level of engine power.
Source: Eurocopter Presse Releases

Eurocopter X3
Berlin ExpoCenter Airport (BER/EDDB), Schönefeld (Selchow), Germany
11 - 16 September 2012

Eurocopter X3 (F-ZXXX), c/n: 1, Eurocopter Group S.A.S., Marignane, France

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